Atlantic Sunrise

Atlantic Sunrise

This Image was captured at 7:30 am, March 3, 2017; with tripod and myself standing in the Atlantic Ocean – air temperature 43 deg. using a 21 second exposure. The location is Isle of Palms (just up the coast from Charleston) South Carolina, USA……Well worth the cold.

Door and Snow

This is a photo of an old shed on our place taken while it was snowing. The snow is piled up against the door and is getting deep.  The wood grain and the color really stand out next to the white snow.  I was really pleased with myself for taking a good picture but someone looked at it and said “The snow on the door handle looks like a roadrunner bird doing a swan dive”… when I look at this picture, my eyes go right to the road runner, it makes me smile inside. 

The other photo is of the same image printed on special photo paper which is bonded to 1/2″ Bamboo Plywood and then sprayed with protective clear coat.  It measures 20″ X 30″ and is shown hanging on a plaster wall. Of course, it is for sale and can be purchased in different sizes or printed on different media.  


Fireworks – 2016

A friend invited me to watch the 4th of July fireworks with him and his family.  They live right across the street from the school where the athletic fields are used as the launch site. I got my chair pulled up alongside my tripod and camera in their front lawn and sat back and waited.  Now you have to understand we usually watch from a canal bank or other high spot on the farm, some 6 miles from the fireworks. In 40+ years of living here, this is the first time I had watched from town.  So, I was thoroughly impressed, and very much liked the noise.

I had wanted to try different techniques for capturing the images but was enjoying the show so much I keep forgetting what I was trying to do. I did get a few good shots :

This is the view of the school, the parking lot and the people sitting on the sidewalk

This is the view of the school, the parking lot and the people sitting on the sidewalk



The wind was blowing pretty hard from the left to the right as you can see in the first picture.  In the following pictures this wind effect, gave the light trails a feathered look, especially the white ones.

fw2016-2   fw2016-3









and this last one looks like a Palm Tree from a beer commercial


Not what your looking for

Today I was on the hunt for a barn or barns that would look good with a dusting of snow on them, because snow is in the forecast for the next few days. I had looked at a few possibilities, old, unpainted western style barns that were from a time when a family farm was based on cattle and horses not horsepower. I didn’t feel like getting permission to walk around a stranger’s land so I ended up at my sister and brother-in-law’s place. They have an old potato cellar, made of wood, that is half buried down into the ground. Outside not much looked interesting, the light was dull with a storm approaching so I started poking around inside, finding tractors, a baler, old pickups, lots of junk and in the far corner, a jewel of a scene:
So even if you don’t find what your looking for… you might find something else. cl

Close-up to Nature -12/8/15

On those days when it is 4 deg outside when you get up and 16 deg is an optimistic high temperature for the day, one looks for any excuse to stay indoors.  I found the Christmas (or Thanksgiving) Cactus in our house had bloomed, so had no reason to face the cold.  Perfect conditions for taking pictures of flowers – 68 deg, no wind and I could control where the light is coming from.  Here is one of the Images:


I used a Nikon 70-180mm “micro” zoom lens at about a foot from the flower.  To get a decent depth of field this close and at 170mm I used f/32 but the lens will go to f/40. The black background is rain coat.  What fascinates me about Nature, is no matter if you look thru an airplane window at the symmetry and variety of erosion lines in the desert or magnify this flower to see the elegance of the shapes and color, art surrounds us all the time, its everywhere.






Here is another Image taken with the same lens, but in much better weather conditions:
Go ahead and blow it up (if it works?) and see all armor plating, the mouth parts and the spikes on the legs.  This is a Green Leaf Bug (Kaytidid) shot in Tennessee.  The black spot on it’s back means it’s a juvenile and it was not too happy that I keep turning it around to get a better view.  Here again Nature is at work doing the craziest things and doing them with an elegance and symmetry.  Look at this guys sides, his built in camouflage. When I first saw him I thought it was just a leaf, it wasn’t until I touched him did I realize he was alive and an insect.  Shot hand held at 160mm, f/22

Closeup of Greater Wing Katydid brown leaf



So, I went and scoped out a place to shoot the “Blood Moon”, an eclipse of the full moon when the earth gets between the sun and the moon. On the way I passed Leslie’s D4 Caterpillar sitting in the weeds on “Uncles Place”. So sad, so many hours were spent sitting on that seat, eating dust and shaking.  It makes me feel like a whiner for complaining that my butt hurts after 10 hours on an air ride seat, in air conditioned comfort while letting the GPS do the steering.  How things have changed in 40 years.

Leslie's Cat

Leslie’s Cat