Charles Leutwiler

I started taking photographs back in the film days, built a darkroom in my parents back yard, printed, developed my own film, even bulk loaded film cans.  I worked in print shops doing everything but mostly ran large horizontal high contrast copy cameras.  As the years went by, I got married, had kids, worked and photography was neglected.  But never forgotten. As I farmed the high desert of Central Oregon I watched the seasons change, Nature renewing it’s self each year, the shafts of sunlight breaking thru the clouds, making the rocks and rabbit brush glow, the snow, the dust and the fog.   My wonder and appreciation of this visually magnificent world grew and now I am attempting to capture in images, some of Nature’s greatness.  As in farming, where I did not make the plants grow, but only provided what the plants needed, I hope to be there with my camera when Nature puts on it show.

I hope you enjoy my photos…….Charlie